12V Power Ports - What's best for your build?


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12V Charger Ports - What's best for your build?

This in my 4th video in a series highlighting build out tools and tips. In this video I cover the differences in 12v power ports, advantages and disadvantages of each and when you might want to use each style in your own build.

Hope you find these videos helpful.

Amazon Affiliate Links to the products I use. When you purchase a product using my link I get a small kickback from Amazon for sharing the link. I don't get paid to review products and only share links that I actually use and like in my builds. Thanks for the support :beer

Blue Sea Marine Power Ports available on Amazon Here (Face plate is removable): CLICK HERE
Powerlet socket available on Amazon Here: CLICK HERE
Powerlet 90 Deg Male Plug on Amazon Here: CLICK HERE
Hussel Metal USB 3.0 Car Charger on Amazon Here: CLICK HERE

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Great info! I think the powerlet is the solution for my fridge. I have actually had my fridge connection rattle off on a washboard road in Utah lol.