A weeked trip through Central Oregon


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Just got back from a quick 600 Mile road trip, first trip of the year with the van. Not quite finished with the interior yet but It's time to start camping and worry about finishing the van at a later date :)

Here's a few photo's from our adventures through Central OR.

Worlds largest map of the Oregon Trail, wrapped around the other side of the building as well.

The town of Baker OR has a really cool museum, here we stopped and are waiting for the doors to open.

One of my favorite things in the museum was this cool old rifle, man If only this rifle could talk!

Checking out some cool old equipment in Sumpter OR. This walking drag line was awesome.

I would so love to restore this tracked Fordson, look at that awesome winch!

Next up we checked out the old Sumpter Dredge. This dredge removed 128,570 oz of gold while chewing up the Sumpter valley, the tailings can be seen throughout the valley. I brought along the drone on this trip and got a couple cool overhead shots.

You can really see the size of the dredge with the wife and kiddo on the deck.

The tailing conveyor on the stern of the dredge and the ends of the sluice boxes.

Buckets baby!

One of the winch systems on board, this winch was used for positioning the dredge in the pond

Here's the winch that controlled the bucket line, you can also see two of the three pumps onboard that had a total of 3000 gpm capacity.

Next we rolled through the abandoned town of Whitney, I love checking out old abandoned buildings.

Lots of cool canyons along the route.

Camp for the night and enjoying the breeze and view out the rear door.

Next morning we drove up to Fossil OR to dig for fossils. There is a public dig area located right behind the high school.

Lot's of really cool leaf and fern fossils, this area looked a lot different back then.

After that we shut down early for the day so we could just relax and the kiddo could spend the day swimming.

The roof rack makes a great place to kick back in the camp chair and relax

Making coffee for the ride home.....another trip in the books.