Baseball excitement


So I feel like I am pretty good with keeping up with the news. I live in Katy, Texas which is outside of Houston City limits. Ever since the Houston Astros won the World Series it has been crazy with support, and team spirit t-shirt galore! I have been to Minute Maid Park it is gorgeous.

That being said I read an article about Kansas City Royals. I never thought of it as thing to go do. Which I guess if you are into baseball enough that would totally make sense. Here is the article Kansas City Royals on The photographs of the stadium are impressive to say the least.

Anyone have a cool experience about visiting a baseball stadium.

My son and I a few years ago, went on a field trip with his school. It was alot of fun. We got to tour around and see all the behind the scenes of the baseball stadium. We had a tour guide and it explained everything about the stadium.