Most helpful/fun apps


I am sure I am not the only one that uses apps to plan out trips or fun games. I am pretty sure I am missing out and I don't like to miss out! So I'll go first to share mine along with pics (if possible).

I think by now most of you know Trip Advisor. I had used it when it first was getting going, but there wasn't a feature where I could make a list of trips and add places you wanted to go BUT now they do. I started a "trip" notes and add things or places to go or do. You can also add different places you want to eat too. This is my favorite feature about that app however it doesn't know ALL the places.

Now, the other app called Road Trippers. This one I use alot, it is cool too buuuuut it is much newer than Trip Advisor so they have places to do. eat, places to take pictures at and more. However probably not as many places compared to Trip Advisor. It will literally map out our entire trip, with literally a map. Of course that changed, it is still free but it only allows you a certain number of waypoints. So in order to have like an unlimited amount of waypoints it will cost you $29.99 per year. Which isn't bad seems worth it. Road Trippers also includes Trip guides check out the photo below.
So this is a very nice feature, easy read for those not knowing where to begin.

As far as games...well my son and I have been enjoying a word game called Word domination. Its like scramble. You can play with your love ones by inviting them to play a game. Orrrrrr the game random pairs you with someone online. I haven't had any problems with that at all.

I hope someone can share a helpful app that they have used and can recommend.