Nudists awkardness!


So I recently came across an article about Jerry Johnson Hot Springs in Idaho. I was caught off guard that the writer came across a few people following "clothes optional" policy. Here is the link to read the article about Jerry Johnson Hot Springs.

LOL! Listen, I know and get there are some people out there that want to get their birthday suit on or they hate tan lines but I have never experienced being nude in public nor nudists for that matter. So I have zero experience about that. I am trying to wrap my mind on how I would handle my 12 year old son (soon to be 13 in July). Do I dive and shield his eyes lol! or Just let it be.

Anyone like to share their first time experience coming across a nude situation while out on their travels. LOL!


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We do a lot of long distance dirt bike trips through NV and often camp near hot springs. Most all of the remote hot springs are clothing optional and its pretty common to have people stop by in their birthday suites. Best to just roll with it and chat with them like it happens every day. (y)

If your going with a kiddo I would prep them for the possibility of the encounter and be comfortable with the idea they might see some nude strangers, really the only option other than not taking them there at all.