Our new 2019 170 WB 4x4 Build


Just finished our west coast family vacation and left our 2016 Sprinter in storage out in Washington. We got back to Texas and our 2019 4x4 had arrived at the dealer. I can't wait to build it out and get it out on some adventures. We love having a van out west but wanted my daily driver Sprinter back again so traded in my car for this new Sprinter.




Started building out the bed platform. I will use the rails I purchased from Overland Sprinters. I set the rails at 30" high and used some of the factory holes in the same location as a guide.



I had some 11 gauge 1” steel square tubing cut to 69 1/4” for the cross members. Just doing some test fitting and then I will paint it all black.


This same setup has worked great for us in our other Sprinter build so we will do it again. It is a bit overkill but I am a big guy.
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Painted the bed rails black using a textured black paint.
Photo Apr 05, 5 50 41 PM.jpg

Cleaned the 1" square steel tubing cross members with lacquer thinner and then painted those as well.

Photo Apr 07, 5 50 58 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 07, 6 22 42 PM.jpg

Spaced the first 6 cross members evenly across 48" so that I can lay my full plywood up to that point. I will have a smaller plywood board for the remaining of the 76" length.
Photo Apr 10, 4 05 19 PM.jpg


in order to bolt the cross members I drilled the holes in the marked spots I measured and then added rivnuts to secure them to the bed rails. I have learned that using blue loctite really helps keep things from shaking loose.
Photo Apr 10, 3 51 52 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 10, 3 35 47 PM (1).jpg

Photo Apr 10, 3 35 06 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 10, 3 35 12 PM.jpg


Next I added the birch plywood cut to dimensions 48"x69 1/2" to the top of the cross members. I then drilled holes to get through the wood and into the metal crossbars before finally securing it with screws.
Photo Apr 10, 4 43 34 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 10, 4 43 54 PM.jpg

Photo Apr 10, 5 22 58 PM.jpg


Next I used a piece of insulation board from a previous project to figure out the area I needed to cut from the final piece of plywood. I wanted the plywood to be as close as possible to the doors when shut.

Photo Apr 11, 9 40 58 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 11, 9 41 06 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 11, 9 41 11 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 11, 9 41 19 AM.jpg

Once I cut the first side out I used the drop from the cut as the template for the opposite side.

Photo Apr 11, 9 59 55 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 11, 10 08 05 AM.jpg

After a bit of sanding to clean it up we tested it with an air mattress. We will purchase a king size memory foam bed and cut it to size to fit.

Photo Apr 11, 10 48 56 AM.jpg

Photo Apr 11, 11 36 56 AM.jpg


Here is a video I made of my bed install.
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I decided a laser scan of the van would be a good idea. By profession I use laser scans for design work that I do. The scan is of my bare sprinter before I added the bed. I am laying out how I want my shower and galley now.

Bare interior facing the front
2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 000.JPG

From the back and doors removed

2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 00.JPG

A shot of the interior without the outside of the van included.

2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 0.JPG

I added the bed platform and the thickness of the mattress I plan to purchase. Inserted the shower stall I plan to build with a 32"x24" shower pan.

2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 1.JPG

View from front of van looking into drivers side

2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 2.JPG

I plan on using a 22 gallon water tank I found online at Agile Offroad. Added the weight so I can try to track and keep weight even in van.

2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 3.JPG

View looking toward where I plan to add a galley.

2019_Sprinter_Laser_Scan 4.JPG
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Came across a 2 person bench seat in Austin, TX. Decided to use it instead of building a bench for my work station.


Plan to mount my electrical system under the seat since it has an easy fold up seat feature.


Used grade 8 flanged bolts and nuts with large washers. This is not for a passenger to ride in but I want it super secure anyways.


Here is a short video about my thoughts on the seat install.
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I think I may have found a solution for my table/kids bed pedestal. Not cheap but I think the 20" adjustment and 28" adjustment height will work well. Heavy duty for sure.





Roof rails installed


Here is a video I did using the guide that Hodakaguy posted.

1st MaxxFan Deluxe added in front position

Made a video of the MaxxFan install.

Started insulation to the van. Thinsulate SM600L for the headliner and started the walls.



I took the Sprinter to get the bfg K02s from my 2wd Sprinter swapped onto the 4x4 Sprinter.





Then we took it to do some fishing!

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Found a local fabricator that is building me an aluminum shower pan 42”x32”. Once he finishes I can get the shower walls installed and continue on with the build this week. Very excited.


Wanted to share a quick video I did on an easy route to get the shore power connection routed from outside the the van to inside the van.